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Centre 200

C-200 Information Guide A-Z



Under the Accessibility Act of Nova Scotia, government will work with persons with disabilities, and the public and private sectors to create six standards for an accessible Nova Scotia. The standards will be in the areas of goods and services, information and communication, public transportation and transportation infrastructure, employment, education, and the built environment which includes buildings, rights-of-way and outdoor spaces.

  • Accessible Parking: There are 10 accessible parking spaces available in the rear of the facility.
  • Accessible Seating:  Wheelchair accessible seating is available for all performances. There are 32 wheelchair assessable seats at the top of Section 3 and Section 20.
  • Accessible Washrooms:  All of the washrooms in the facility are fully accessible including a universal washroom on level 4.
  • Accessible Entrances:  All entrances are accessible with elevators available on each floor.

Aisles & Aisles Etiquette

For the safety and enjoyment of other guests, Centre 200 staff ask that you please do not sit or stand in the aisles. Aisle must be kept clear at all times.   While the game is on fans are asked to wait at the top/entrance to the seating area until there is a break in game. This is not only for the safety of our fans, but also a courtesy to those fans who are already seated.


Service/Support animals are welcome at Centre 200 events. Guests who are accompanied by service animals are required to retain control of them, and should keep them on a leash or harness at all times while in the facility.


ATM machines are available for our guest’s convenience on the main level. (3rd Level)


Centre 200 is equipped with a permanently installed in-house arena sound system which is used for general ice events and sporting events. This system is interconnected to separate convention room systems in the convention halls and four meeting/convention rooms. While the house sound system consists of permanently hung speaker clusters, a separate moveable system is employed in conjunction with our Vari-theatre. This moveable system is better suited to musical and theatrical type productions.


Baby Change Stations

Baby Change Stations have been installed in all of the washrooms on levels 3 and 4.

Banners and Signs

The Centre 200 encourage guests to show their team pride and welcome support demonstrated through homemade banners and signs. Guests are welcome to bring banners to the Centre 200 provided they do not interfere with the game, your fellow fans' enjoyment of the game or carry disparaging, commercial, political or obscene messages. Banners cannot block or cover current building signage.

Breastfeeding Friendly

Here at Centre 200 we encourage positive attitudes towards breastfeeding in public.  We are proud to display our “Breastfeeding friendly” sticker at the main entrance to bring comfort to mothers and their babies during their visit to Centre 200.

Box Office Location and Hours of Operation

The Centre 200 Box Office is located at the main entrance in the front of the facility.  The box office can accommodate any tickets sales.
Hours of Operation at Centre 200 are as follows:

  • Monday - Friday 11 am - 6 pm
  • Open 11 am Event Days



Centre 200 welcome cameras for personal use for the purpose of still photography. We ask that your camera does not interfere with other guests' enjoyment of the event.  Centre 200 is not responsible for any lost or stolen belongings.

*Restrictions may vary from event to event


Centre 200 is proud to offer a range of food, snacks and concession options at all of our ticketed events.  We offer hotdogs, nachos, fries, poutine, onion rings, chips, bars, and our most popular of them all, popcorn to just name of few.   We also have a variety of refreshment options to go with your snacks.


Drinking Fountain

There is a drinking fountain located outside of the washrooms on the main level (level 3).

Dressing Rooms

Centre 200 offers 8 dressing rooms for our guests. Organizations and groups renting ice will be held responsible for their members and guests.  Users will be held responsible for any stolen items and/or damage to the dressing rooms.  Dressing room door must be locked when leaving the room unattended.  Only authorized groups will be allowed dressing room access. Users are responsible for light cleaning of the dressing room before leaving, including all tape, garbage, and showers.  Smoking, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes are prohibited in all areas inside the building.  Please turn in any found items to the Security Desk.


Elevator Access

Guests requiring assistance reaching their seating level may use our elevator located the east-side (back) of the facility.

Emergency Evacuation

All Centre 200 personnel have been trained and instructed to assist guests in evacuating the facility. In the event of an emergency at Center 200, guests are asked to remain calm and follow instructions given via the public address system, staff, security, police and medical personnel. During emergencies, guests should not use elevators; instead, guests will be directed to exit Center 200 using the stairs or ramps. Guests are also encouraged to take the following steps in the event of an emergency:

  • Be aware of your location inside Centre 200 at all times
  • Identify the two exits located nearest to your seats

Employment Opportunities

All full-time opportunities are posted on the Cape Breton Regional Municipality website or posted in the Cape Breton Post.  Persons seeking part time employment can drop off a resume and/or application to Centre 200 Administration office at 481 George Street in Sydney, NS.

Equipment Available

  • Curtains (In/Out)
  • Ice Cover (In/Out)
  • Dasher Board Removal
  • Glass Removal
  • Forklift
  • Phone/Internet Service
  • Plywood
  • Lighting System
  • Sound System 
  • Staging
  • Spotlights
  • EHS Event Coverage


First Aid

First Aid rooms are located on the lower level of Centre 200.  Guests requiring first aid assistance are urged to contact any staff member and will be directed to a first aid representative.

Food or Beverage

Outside food or beverages are only permitted in Centre 200 when the concessions are not open for service.  Food and beverages are not permitted in the facility during any ticketed events.


Ice Rentals

Centre 200 provides different opportunities for our guests to host their own skating or hockey event.  Our ice times are available from August to April days, evenings and weekends.  To inquire on booking your ice time please phone (902) 563-5786


Kitchen (Full Service)

Centre 200 offers a full service modern kitchen that can serve up to 1000 for your function.  Let our experienced staff work with you to develop the best food and meal options to suit your events and its guests.



Located in the heart of Sydney, Centre 200’s location provides a number of advantages:

  • Within walking distance to downtown hotels, restaurants, and shopping;
  • Easily accessible from George Street and Prince Street (two of Sydney’s main roadways);
  • Free Parking on the side and rear of the facility; and
  • Fully wheelchair accessible.


Meetings and Conventions

Center 200 offers meeting spaces to accommodate small or large scale meetings or conventions.

Meeting Room SpecificationsRoom SizeHeightSeating Capacity
Main Arena 200’ x 85 40’ 5000 expandable to 6500
Buchanan Hall  57’ x 116’ 19’  700
John Jr. Hanna Concourse 150’ x 29’ 12’ 400
MacDonald Room   120’ x 30’ 12’ 150

The Main Arena has exhibit space of 17000 square feet with a possibility of another 3000 square feet upon removal of telescopic seating. The Main Arena has a seating capacity of 5000-6500.  Centre 200 has a unique lighting grid and state of the art sound system that compliments the theatre set up and ensures uncompromised sound quality for all events. The Buchanan Hall has 7000 square feet to compliment comfortably 700 sitting theatre style and up to 400 banquet style.  The John Jr. Hanna Concourse boasts a display and activity area of 3000 square feet.  On Level one we have The MacDonald Room with a seating capacity of 150 suitable for smaller meetings.

To inquire on booking any of these spaces please phone the Administration office at (902) 564-2200.



Centre 200 offers a large parking lot at the East-side of the building in the rear as well as limited parking on the North-side of the facility.  We also offer 10 accessible parking spaces as well to the rear of the facility. 

Pocket Schedules (Cape Breton Screaming Eagles)

Cape Breton Screaming Eagles fans looking to track the games throughout the season can obtain these schedules from the Box Office during regular business hours.

Premium Seating

In Sections 29 and 30 we offer Premium Seating at Centre 200.  With Premium seating you get to enjoy the best view in the facility for all events, not to mention the comfortable seating.  Along with the impeccable view you can also enjoy Catered Food and Bar Services. Premium Seating in Section 30 holds up to 35 guests and Section 29 holds up to 24 guests.

Purchasing Tickets

To purchase tickets to any of our events you can purchase online at or by phoning (902) 564-2200 or you can buy direct at Centre 200 Box Office.

Centre 200 Box Office Hours
Monday - Friday 11 am - 4 pm
Open 11 am Event Days



Centre 200 provides unique rental spaces to accommodate your needs. Spaces can be customized for corporate meetings and conferences, concerts, trade shows, media conferences, skating parties, weddings and much more. Centre 200 also offers rentals on equipment, furniture and décor.  If you are interested in renting any of the above mentioned please phone administration at (902) 564-2200.


Centre 200 is committed to proactive environmental practices that benefit the venue, our guests and the community at large.  Management at Centre 200 ensures that they embrace any opportunity to be environmentally conscious.  The Refrigeration system used at C200 for the ice surface is one that reduces energy consumption and GHG emissions.  This system is designed to reuse excess heat and reduce energy costs significantly. 

The most common uses for recovered heat are the following:

  • Heating of the stands area, the player’s locker rooms and other spaces.
  • Water heating for showers and ice surfacing.
  • Snow melting (i.e. from the thin layer of ice removed during surfacing.
  • Heating the slab under the ice to prevent soil from freezing.



Helmets are recommended for all ages.  Youths 18 and under MUST wear a helmet on the ice. Youth 7-14 are only permitted on the ice with parental supervision unless with a registered youth program.  Youths 6 and under must have a parent or guardian with them at all times while on the ice.  No one permitted on ice during resurfacing; Zamboni doors must be closed before anyone may return to the ice.  Use of skate aids is permitted, but no chairs may be used on the ice.   Guests not wearing skates are not permitted to be on the ice as this is a safety concern for the facility and its guests.


To the East-side (back) of the facility we have 15 skyboxes at Centre 200.  With the rental of a skybox you get to enjoy one of best views in the facility for all events, not to mention the comfortable seating.  Along with the impeccable view you can also enjoy Catered Food and Bar Services.   Skyboxes can typically hold a group of 10-12 guests.  Skyboxes are a great choice if you are looking for a more private way to enjoy an event along with all of the perks that come along with it.


Technical Information

  • Loading Areas
  • Auxiliary Power
  • Lift Equipment
  • Audio
  • In House Arena Sound System
  • Video
  • The Vari-Theatre-System
  • Standard Vari-Theatre Truss Configuration
  • Vari-Theatre Stage Specifications      
  • General Sound Equipment


U.S. Currency

U.S. Currency is accepted at Centre 200 including concessions however we do not offer an exchange rate on it.



Washrooms are located in convenient locations on each level of the building.  Washrooms on levels 3 and 4 are equipped with baby changing stations.  A universal bathroom offering space and privacy is located on level 4.


Centre 200 is known to be a popular venue to host weddings. Centre 200 offers a catering service with experienced staff to help guide you through meal options to suit your needs. The Buchanan Hall fits 250 guests for a sit down supper.  Centre 200 will be happy to work with you to customize your special day.  For more information on booking your wedding with Centre 200 please phone (902) 563-5084.