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Welcome to Centre 200

Cape Breton’s very own fine cultural and entertainment facility

Centre 200


Cape Breton is very proud of its fine cultural and entertainment facility, Centre 200, which was built to celebrate Sydney’s two hundredth birthday. Centre 200 is a versatile convention, exhibition, sports and entertainment facility that provides additional flexibility to meet special requirements. Notable features include:

  • Obstruction free sports arena that seats 5000 people
  • Expandable seating to 6500 for concert hall purposes
  • Meeting rooms with seating capacities of 100 per room
  • West concourse area boasts a display and activity area of 3000 sq ft
  • South concourse has 7000 sq ft to accommodate 650 sitting theatre style up to 400 banquet style
  • The main arena has exhibit space of 17000 sq ft with the possibility of another 3000 sq ft upon removal of telescopic seating.
  • Our in house Vari-Theatre allows for variable seating capacity of from 500 – 6500 people
  • Our unique lighting grid and state of the art sound system compliments the theatre and ensures uncompromised sound quality for all events
  • Our full modern kitchen can serve up to 1000 for your function
  • The box office can accommodate any ticket sales and the services of other ticket outlets

The Vari-Theatre System

The versatile Vari-Theatre can be set up in an enormous variety of configurations to accommodate many productions. In the Vari-theatre’s standard set-up, it consists of a moveable stage and four 48’ moveable Thomas trusses from which theatrical lighting, a curtained proscenium, curtained legs, and a cyclorama are hung. It is dedicated front-of-house audio system, a Renkus Heinz Smart System, is effective to a maximum crowd size of approximately 2000 people, before additional equipment must be brought in. The Vari-theatre can be configured to play to a range of crowd sizes from 6500 seats (Centre 200’s capacity), to the smallest position of approximately 500 seats.

  • New high steel Rigging grid, upper and lower, all safety lined.
  • New Fiberglass ice covering.

Standard Vari-Theatre Truss Configuration

  • Truss #1: Front of house lights
  • Truss #2: Proscenium arch, downstage curtains and upstage lights
  • Truss #3: Curtained legs, upstage curtains and cyclorama lights
  • Truss #4: Cyclorama and upstage lights

Vari-Theatre Stage Specifications

New Stageright stage 72' x 40' up to 60'.
Number of Moveable Stage Sections 72
Individual Section Size 4’ x 8’
Possible Stage Heights 8”, 16”, 24”, 32”, 48”
Maximum Stage Width 72’
Maximum Stage Depth 40’
Stage Accessories 2 – 48” High Stairways
2 – 16” High Stairways
Safety Railing
Cloth Skirting
4’ x 8’ stage sections can be used
individually as risers
Proscenium Height 32” from arena floor
Max. Proscenium Width 40’
Bottom of Truss to Floor 34’

Stage Draperies

Front Travellers 2 - 26’w x 30’2”h flame retardant blue velour traveller operated
from S.R.
Upstage Travellers 2 – 26’w x 30’2”h flame retardant black velour traveller operated
From S.R.
Legs 2 – 10’w x 30’h flame retardant blue velour
Borders 2 – 4’ x 48’ (1 blue, 1 black) flame retardant velour
Cyclorama 80’ x 30’h Off White Cotton
Wings Extended over remaining arena floor and seating area to block off
Backstage to audience


Lighting Concole Strand Century “Lightboard M” Fully Automated 48 channel
AMUX Console with Remote Control
Console Location Sound room overlooking the arena, fourth floor Mezzanine
Lighting Packs 5 Strand Century CD-80, 24 – dimmer
Lamps 24 Strand Century Par 64 Fixtures
18 Strand Lighting Lekolight 2206
Variable Focus Spotlights
12 Strand Lighting Leikolight 2212
6 x 12 Spotlights
6 Strand Lighting Leikolight 2213
8 x 13 Spotlights
8 Strand Lighting 5913 IRIS 3 Cyclorama Lights
Follow Spots 4 Super Trooper 1600w Zenon

Loading Areas

Southeast Loading Dock

Height of Dock Platform 40”
Trucks with a 10’ high box or less

East Loading Door

Height 14’ Width 12’

Northeast Loading Door

Height 15’ Width 12’
Offers option of driving unto arena floor

Box Office Services

Spectator Events